About Maharashtra Sadan

 Maharashtra Sadan’ is the popular nomenclature used to describe the state residency of Maharashtra at the capital city of Indian Federation. Its basic mandate is to function like an embassy of the State and represent the State in a wide spectrum of activities and responsibilities at New Delhi. The state residency is headed by a Secretary level IAS officer, designated as the Resident Commissioner, who enjoys the status of Administrative Head of Department. Apart from its normal liaison and ambassadorial role at the Centre, it also maintains state guest house(s) and offers transport and protocol services to state, national and international level guests and visitors.  

Our Crews

Our crew member at Maharashtra Sadan through a very high fidelity fulfillment of promises made to Guests. To provide the most professional, informative, dedicated and prompt service. 24/7 Support and services are availed by Maharashtra Sadan Team dedicated Staff.

Resident Commissioner,Government Of Maharashtra Sadan

The Resident Commissioner(RC) of Maharashtra is the authorised representative of State at the country’s capital. He/she is mandated to maintain close liaison between the State and the Federal Government on the one hand and between the State Government and the diplomatic corps on the other. He/she heads a secretariat level establishment which is directly controlled by the Chief Minister of the State. His office is located on Sangli Plot on Copernicus Marg, New Delhi. The office in its present setup has the following Sections: (a) MP Coordination Cell, (b) Manager Section (State guest house and protocol), (c) Liaison Section (Centre-state liaison, international cooperation and investment promotion), (d) Legal Cell, (e) Establishment Section (admin matters) and (f) Accounts Section.

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Maharashtra Sadan has sprawling utility spaces for Governer Suit, Cm Suit, MP Coordination Cell, porch, lobby, reception, foyer, meeting rooms, press conference room, Video conference room, banquet hall, dinning halls, gymnasium, Board Rooms, library, business centre, management service room,BMS room,  Medical Assistance Room and worker's rooms.