About Maharashtra Sadan

Guest house facility is an integral of the Residency System. It also symbolises the centre for congregation of the state representatives and pressure groups at New Delhi..... The State of Maharashtra maintains two Government guest houses in Lutyen’s Delhi. The one situated on Sirmur Plot, Kasturba Gandhi Marg near Civil Service Officers’ Institute is a State Guest House and is known as Maharashtra Sadan.

The other Guest House, originally named as Maharashtra House, but subsequently known also as Maharashtra Sadan is located on Copernicus Marg. Both these guest houses are managed and administered by a Desk Officer called Manager, Maharashtra Sadan. He reports to the Assistant Resident Commissioner, Protocol and to the Resident Commissioner, Maharashtra State in hierarchical order. The Manager is supported by a team of professionals from the hotel management background and together the team strives to excel in the field of state hospitality.

The Maharashtra Sadan is the home away from home for VVIPs and officials of the Government of Maharashtra. The centrality of its location in the country’s capital adds to its beauty and importance.

The social life of Maharashtra is depicted and truly reflected at Maharashtra Sadan on occasions like Diwali, Holi, Gudi Padwa, Ganeshostav, Maharashtra Day celebrations and birth and death anniversary events relating to our great leaders and social reformers of standing in public life. These celebrations offer an opportunity to showcase the glimpses of rich cultural, political and social heritage of Maharashtra.